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27 Apr 2017

11 skäl till att adoptera en äldre hund – även gamla hundar behöver ett hem

Gör en insats för en hund och samtidigt få en kär familjemedlem.

Alla älskar valpar. De är söta, fulla av energi och nyfikna att upptäcka världen. Visst, det är mysigt men att uppfostra en valp kräver mycket jobb. 

En hemlös hund behöver inte alltid vara en problemhund. Även hundar som är aldrig så familjetrygga kan hamna på hundstall av olika anledningar

I USA kallas november även för “Adopt a senior pet month”. En hel månad där man kampanjar för att människor ska ta sig an lite äldre övergivna husdjur, som ofta är svåra att omplacera.

Här är 10 skäl till att adoptera en äldre hund:

1. De är självständiga

NEW YORK, NY: Mister Max is trying so hard to be happy. This sweet 10 year old #Pomeranian still needs a stable home and forever love. Despite being so uncomfortable at the moment, he is such a good sport! Max was surrendered to the shelter earlier this month when his former owner's health deteriorated and couldn't give Max the care he needed. Life as Max knew it was abruptly gone. PLEASE SHARE to help Max find a home again! It's evident that Max was loved in his old life, but he didn't receive the necessary vet care or exercise a pet requires to age comfortably. Max badly needs dental surgery and at the moment his mouth is very sensitive because of that. But first he must recover from his current respiratory infection before it's safe for him to undergo anesthesia for surgery. (Right now Max is too nervous to let people touch his sore mouth area or to clean his nose.) Once he has his dental surgery (fully paid for by SSD) Max is going to feel so much better!! Max very much enjoys human companionship and being around people. A home filled with warm humans who like to dole out affection will suit Max best. He is perfectly comfortable being left home alone, he is wee-wee pad trained (and he does outdoor potties, too!), he gets along well with all types/sizes of dogs (mostly he is indifferent about them), and he unfazed by busy city life and all of it's chaotic inconveniences. Max enjoys being outdoors and will make a great walking partner, he's a good little power-walker! 🏃🏽 We feel Max will do best in a home without tiny tots as the vet confirmed his back knees are weak and can cause him discomfort. He currently weighs 28 pounds. With continued exercise and therapy in a forever home, our hope is that Max will become stronger and more secure in his movements. Overall, he's a people loving guy who potentially has many happy years in front of him. Please consider giving this adorable, plump raisin a home! To adopt Max, email @pupstarzrescue at pupstarzrescue@gmail.com. Max can be adopted within the #NewYork/ surrounding area. ❤️ #seniordog

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2. De har varit med länge men är fortfarande redo för nya äventyr

Guess who we got to visit at his new home today...! Macadoodle!! 😍 Handsome @macadoodle__ and his new mom Meaghan make the most adorable pair. In just one week, this dream team have become very attached to each other and Mac keeps a close eye on mom's whereabouts. He's not letting this good girl get away! Mac spent six months at the ACC despite many amazing people advocating for him. He's a very lucky boy to have been scooped up and adopted by Meaghan who already loves him dearly. (And we love her!) Last Monday was Mac's first day home alone when mom went off to work. Mac decided he would do a little "exploring" around the apartment -- the garbage can received a thorough examination and the contents spread all over the floor; a decorative autumn scarecrow received a "makeover" (aka it was shred to pieces); some memorable bathroom business was done (you know, to be sure everyone knew this was Mac's kingdom now!). HOWEVER, we are proud to say that after that one afternoon Mac has been a good boy when left alone ever since! Perhaps he had to get it out of his system, or perhaps when mom returned home on Monday night he realized she truly was going to comeback. But whatever the case, Mac is now very content, happy, and without a care in the world. He even has his own little Brooklyn backyard, he gets daily visits from Grandma and Grandpa who live nearby, and he gets to lounge on a comfy couch all day long! Such a lucky Macadoodle! Meaghan writes, "My first week with @macadoodle__ has been absolutely amazing. He is the goofiest, kindest, most gentle and loving dog! I'm so surprised no one scooped him up prior to last week. Even though it's only been a week, I feel like he's been here for years." ❤️ #seniordog #elderbull #pitbull #jetsfan #nypd

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3. Jo, äldre hundar kan också lära sig nya saker

"I have been fostering for @secondhandhounds_ rescue in Minnesota for almost three years now (and we currently have our 51st and 52nd fosters in residence!). I was terrified of the pitties when I very first started (I had been attacked repeatedly by a resident Doberman as a child, and they were a trigger). In fact, I put on my foster app that I wouldn’t take them. Volunteering in other capacities (doing home visits, helping at intake, etc.) forced me to meet some of these dogs. I had to admit, discriminating against a dog broke my heart because I am at the very least an animal lover. I asked the foster coordinator, Summer, so many questions, and tried to come to terms with my fear. Summer said ‘You know, an 8 week old #pitty puppy probably won’t scare you, maybe you should start there.' And so I did. I took one home that weekend, and she was so smart and good natured. My next pitty was a 6 month old pup who had been thrown out of a moving car and left for dead. She was the most gentle, sweet spirit. Because I have a four pound Yorkie who thinks she is an alpha dog, I usually take small dogs, but one day Summer called and said ‘I have the PERFECT adult pitty for you, I think you’re ready, and she is good with ANY dog.’ Annie was 6 years old and had been waiting in a shelter for two years. How could I say no to that? Annie was muscular, had terribly butchered ears, and weighed 60 pounds. But her smile and gentle demeanor shone through any ‘pitbull’ stigma surrounding her, even in my suburban purebred neighborhood. She ADORED kids, and just demanded to be with them. She literally rolled her eyes and sighed when my Yorkie tried to take her down, and wanted nothing more than to wrap her legs around our whole family and snuggle. Annie will always be ‘the one that got away’ because she was adopted by a wonderful young Veterinarian who was so excited to share our wonderful Annie with the world and advocate for her breed. She quelled my personal fears 100%, so how could I say no to giving her this opportunity? It was the hardest thing I’ve done, but this way we can continue saying ‘YES’ to more dogs like her in their hour of need. @fairydogmomma" ❤️ #adopt

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4. De har massor av kärlek kvar att ge

Do you LOVE happy adoption stories? There is a whole heap of them over at @realhappydogs! Including senior dog Graham who was one of the very first dogs posted and adopted through SSD 2.5 years ago. Happy, indeed!! 😍 @realhappydogs writes, "Graham was found wandering the streets of Manhattan. He had been abandoned by his previous owners and was malnourished, matted, and weak. Someone picked him up and took him to @animalhaven rescue where they started treating his health issues, and he began to put on weight and feel better. However, the main problem for Graham was his age. It's very hard to find forever-homes for senior dogs, as most people want to adopt a dog that is young and healthy. Thankfully, @susiesseniordogs also joined Graham's team and began spreading the word about this sweet boy who deserved to spend the latter years of his life in a home with someone who would love him despite his age. While Graham was recovering at @animalhaven, a woman named Joan was beginning to search for a dog for her daughter. Though their family had many pets, her daughter desired a dog that she could love and care for as her own, and the mission of this family is only to adopt animals that others might bypass. They already had a rescued senior named Edwin as well as two rescued cats. They just needed to find a senior who would fit well with the rest of their pack. When they saw a notice on @susiesseniordogs about an 11 year old #Maltese who had been abandoned on the streets of NYC, Joan told me, 'We couldn't wait to go meet him. We knew he was going to be our boy.' As Graham's story comes to a close, I want to leave you with a question: would you consider providing a home to a senior dog like Graham who otherwise might spend his last days in a shelter? If you have questions or doubts, that's natural and even good, and there are many safe places to bring those questions! As Joan, Melina, and the whole family will tell you, any questions or doubts were erased the moment Graham first climbed into their laps and poked that little tongue out for a kiss." 😘 #seniordog #adopted #adoption #adopt #happytails

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5. De tuggar inte på dina mattor

NEW YORK, NY: Gorgeous Jasmine is still up for adoption! After a lifetime with her former family, 13 year old Jasmine was surrendered to the city shelter this summer. She's been through a lot and just wants to settle into a forever home soon. Jasmine is cuddly, goofy, and affectionate. And she needs a family to call "All Mine!" 🤗 PLEASE SHARE! This is not the first time Jasmine has been posted, and she's even received interest from people. But for whatever reason, nothing has worked out. Jasmine loves to be near people, but she's content just so long as she is in the same room as you. She weighs 50-odd pounds and is thought to be a #SaintBernardmix, and to have some #spaniel in her, too. Whatever she is, Jasmine is beautiful and deserves a loving family in her special golden years. Her foster writes, "Jasmine is extremely friendly to people and good around children. She is very gentle. She doesn't require attention, but she does want to be next to you or in the same room. She loves sleeping, and snores! Her favorite past time is napping for sure, but once she gets outside she is out and about! She can still go for long walks and can jump into a car on her own. She can eat a lot but likes to be spoon fed. She doesn't like biscuit type dog treat. And we think it has to be 'real' treats...real bones, real dried pig ear, etc. If the other dog is not an alpha, she does great with them. No problems at all. We had a puppy giving her kisses and jumping on her and no problem. But if the other dog is protective of the owner, for example, or if they start to show aggression to her, Jasmine will not back down. She still has plenty of life left in her, but will need a patient, loving and caring family to bring her into her golden years." 👉🏽Head over to @livelikepoh for more photos/videos of Jasmine!!👈🏽 (All adopters MUST come meet Jasmine in person. No transport.) To adopt Jasmine in the #NewYork/#NewJersey area, please email Tiffany of @AnimalHaven at dogsandcats@ah-nyc.org ❤️ #seniordog #newyork #adoptme

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6. De är rumsrena

"We has a no-stinked rule." 🛀🏻😒 #nosmells #nofun #seniordogs #rescuedogs

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7. De vet vad de får leka med – sina hundleksaker och inte dina dyra solglasögon, skor eller möbler

8. När du sover så sover även hunden

"I grew up with my family dog Mikey, who was a two pound, teacup yorkie. He was tiny and loving. We got Mikey through a friend who knew someone had puppies available. My parents didn't know much about breeders back then, unfortunately. When he turned 9, his health started to dwindle but his attitude didn't. We unfortunately had to put him down in September 2013 at 13 years old. My fiancé and I would absolutely love to have huskies at some point, so one weekend we decided to do our research and did in fact inquire with a breeder. We drove there and fell in love with all the puppies. Except, when we left we had a bad taste in our mouths and we couldn't figure out why. It wasn't until two days later that we both finally admitted to ourselves that we could never buy from a breeder. The pups were in great condition but when we saw the moms and dads that were being used to breed (who were kept in the backyard alone in a huge fenced in, concrete run), we couldn't bring ourselves to ever go back. That's how we landed on adoption as a final decision. So in May, we decided to go to North Shore @animalleague on Long Island and to just adopt any dog. There was no agenda or a certain type of dog we wanted. And we came home with Kelsey! @kelseythepup was 9 weeks at the time and was said to be a 'terrier mix.' Although she is not a senior dog, SSD put insight into 1) adopting! 2) not striving for that 'perfect dog' (although Kelsey is pretty perfect!) But the funniest part of all is that Kelsey has a lab coat/body, a TINY bit of a #pitbull face, and definitely something else in her. So I looked up a lab and #pitbullmix and yep, it's Kelsey. Even down to the white patch under her chest. I wasn't aware the 'terrier' part in terrier mix was 'American Pitbull Terrier.' 😂 -Megan" ❤️ #adoption #testimonial #changestartswithyou

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9. De är utmärkta sällskapshundar för äldre människor som är ensamma

10. De slutar aldrig att visa sin tacksamhet och uppskattning mot dig som har erbjudit ett kärleksfullt hem

After more than three months in the city shelter, we are so excited to share that 10 year old Brooklyn got ADOPTED!!! Brooklyn has found two very devoted humans named Catherine and Bruno. Their late Daisy, a pit mix, passed away in May at the privileged age of 16. It was a very hard loss. 😢They saw a bit of Daisy in Brooklyn and decided to make the long round trip drive to pick her up on a 4th of July weekend. Because Brooklyn was suffering from an anal gland abscess that needed follow up (and the reason she made it on the At-Risk list), they spent most of the 4th of the July holiday afternoon at the emergency vet. (Paws up! 🙌🏽) Brooklyn's story goes that she spent her whole life with her former owner. She surrendered back in March when they could no longer care for her. Brooklyn waited many months at the @nycacc. A confusing time for her, no doubt. Catherine and Bruno have already put in so much effort for Brooklyn in the few short days they've been together so far, and they will be seeing a trainer this coming weekend to ensure everyone keeps in step. To be expected, the first 24 hours were a bit stressful (new adopters, this is normal!), but they are already well on their way to happily-ever-after... 😸 Catherine writes, "Yesterday afternoon/evening/night went pretty well! She's much more relaxed and slept through the night. She looooved the bully stick. She let us take it away too but not without trying to run away, haha. We left her alone for about two hours and she was an angel. (Granted, she did have a bully stick to occupy herself with.) The trainer had a cancellation so he’s coming this Saturday evening!" Thank you, Catherine and Bruno! SSD readers, please give them your love, support, and well-wishes! ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #shelterdog

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11. Du har bokstavligt talat räddat ett liv

**EDIT: ADOPTED!!** (near) PORTLAND, OR: Gentle, curious, and courageous is how 11 year old Hippie is described. You're probably thinking, "the perfect senior dog!" And while this is very true, Hippie has been waiting at the shelter for seven long months despite how wonderful he is. PLEASE SHARE!! Hippie's former owner died in December 2015. Hippie was a very loved boy in his past home and he is a very loved boy at the shelter. However, this doesn't change the fact that Hippie's daily life is just that: A shelter. Hippie loves other dogs and would truly be a gift to most households. Please consider giving this angel a chance! Volunteer Kate wrote, "Hippie is an 11 year old, #bernesemountaindog/#Spaniel mix is sweet, gentle, curious, and courageous. There’s no ticking clock; he’s NOT going to be euthanized for space or time constraints. But it’s still a shelter and he still has no family (or bed or nummers) to call his own and he hasn’t had a SINGLE application since he got here. This lovely, lovely, human-centric #dog has lived with (and loves) other #dogs, but NOT the kitties of the world (sorry kitties, you’re just too snackalicious for our boy). He's affably enthusiastic about walks, treats, attention, and the world around him. Hippie does have some special requirements: we’re looking for a quiet home for this chap with savvy adopters who know NOT to move the furniture when there’s a blind dog in the house. Given his age, it's our preference (but not an absolute requirement) that there be no little, sticky-grabby-nummy hands in the home. He also needs a fully-fenced yard (see note about him being blind); we don't want him to be able to wander off into the thicket or traffic. We require the whole pack to come to the Shelter for an introduction. For locals, there's a home inspection; for anyone outside the County: bring pictures of your home. For all: we'll be checking with your landlord (if you rent), to make sure you're allowed pets; as well as calling references." To adopt Hippie, please contact shelter volunteer Kate by emailing pickford.kathryn@gmail.com. @clatsop_animal_assistance is located at 1315 SE 19th St, #Warrenton, #Oregon ❤️ #seniordog

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